Addressing Sensors

If you don’t have a ProCheck and are using Decagon sensors in SDI-12 mode, stop reading now and call Decagon to place your order.  While it is technically possible to address sensors without a ProCheck*, it’s frustrating, difficult, and leads to failures.

ProCheck ScreenSetting SDI-12 Addresses with a ProCheck

 1.  Connect the sensor to the ProCheck’s stereo jack, using a pigtail adapter if necessary.

 2.  In the CONFIG menu, select the “SDI-12 Address” option. Once selected, the screen shown in the screenshot at right will appear. The screen will refresh automatically, showing you your sensor’s current configuration.

 3.  Press the up and down arrows to change the address from “0” (default) to any number 1-9, or any letter  a-z or A-Z.

 4.  Press the ENTER or SAVE buttons to accept the new sensor address. Your screen will refresh again, this time showing the new address setting.

 5.  Press ESC or MENU to exit the SDI-12 Address Sub Menu.