The ProCheck: Your SDI-12 Sidekick

ProCheck SidekickThe ProCheck Sensor Read-Out and Storage System is your all-in-one SDI-12 sidekick. It addresses! It checks for functionality! It monitors installations! It troubleshoots! Whatever your experiment’s needs, the ProCheck can attend to them.

Its instantaneous addressing function allows you to change your sensors’ addresses with only a few presses of a button, no terminal programs required. However, that’s not all the ProCheck can do. The ProCheck also allows you to take instantaneous measurements on any of your Decagon sensors.  And just like any good superpower, this capability is extraordinarily versatile. Use the ProCheck to:

  • Verify that all sensors are working correctly when they arrive.
  • Watch VWC in real time as you install your sensors, ensuring that no air pockets, rocks, or foreign objects are disrupting readings.
  • Troubleshoot your SDI-12 network and identify failed sensors.

We recommend the ProCheck for any sensor installation, but it is particularly important for SDI-12 networks as it allows you to instantaneously address your sensors, check for functionality, and monitor installation. We consider it nearly impossible to successfully set up and troubleshoot your SDI-12 network without one.